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Wednesday, 1 March 2017
The moon is in the waxing Crescent (Theurge) moon phase (25% full).

It's the last remains of a sunny afternoon, and still not too cold out. For the moment, though, it finds Yael in the courtyard, gathering the clothing that she'd hung out to dry on a clothesline between the fountain and one of the columns, all of two pairs of pants and three shirts and some undergarments and a second headscarf, better to bring them in before any evening dew makes the effort for naught. The Strider is singing to herself as she does this— well, to the entire courtyard— in what sounds like Arabic.

Karin approaches the bawn-side archway as a wolf, shifting back up to her birth form as she passes through it. "Good afternoon," she greets as she realizes the courtyard is occupied.

Yael startles, but only just a little, and the singing abruptly stops. "Hey there," she offers with a bit of a nod. "It's Karin, right?" Given that most of their interaction has been in passing, the more thorough attention paid to observing the other makes sense. "How's it going?"

Karin does spend a good deal of her time out on the bawn, given her responsibilities. "Rather well. I found a new plant that I'm likely to add to the herb garden— some promising medicinal qualities, assuming it'll grow away from the caern itself. And yourself?"

Yael shrugs a shoulder towards the clothesline. "Good for now, although whether that lasts remains to be seen," she says, with a bit of a grin. "It seems I'll be staying around a while longer, which means I should probably get into town before the moon gets much bigger. Three sets of clothing is just fine for the road, but these are getting rather worn."

Karin says, "I'd offer you some of the spares from the old cub stockpile, but I imagine most of those are fairly worn as well. And old, though moths didn't get into most of them, thankfully. I'm glad to hear you've decided to stay, though. What tipped the balance and helped you decide, out of curiosity?"

"Indeed. I can sew, too," Yael says, "and repair these for as long as I need, but it might be nice to have one or two new things to go with a new place." There's something else that's simply unsaid there, a length of time of pause long enough for a thought to come and go. "And by stay, I mean that I'll still go off for a few days at a time, just that this is where I'll be coming back to." She furrows her brows and uses her free hand to brush a strand of hair out of her face, and then sets the last items of clothing down on the pile before sitting down cross-legged in the grass. "I'm going to be teaching Reagan."

Karin says, "Good luck. Monica seems to have set herself to that task as well, so hopefully between the two of you, you'll be able to make some headway. And speaking of teaching, I'd been meaning to ask about possibly learning a rite or two from you at some point soon, myself. I was able to learn a couple of gifts in my time away, but I still don't know any rites yet, and I've really got to start remedying that, no matter how busy I may be."

Yael blinks a few times, and then shakes her head at the word any. "I think I can help," she says, and nods. "And yes— something like that in make some headway." The Strider picks one of the scarves up off the pile of clean clothes and drapes it around her shoulders, up and over her head, and then pushes it down off of her hair for the time being before standing up. "I usually teach Sand in Shoes as a first rite," she continues. "It's simple, and lets you find your way back in the Umbra."

Karin says, "Considering what I've been through, that could be a rather good first choice. I hope nothing similar happens again, but there's certainly something to be said for taking precautions."

The sound that Yael offers in response is quiet, but distinctly a hmm? With a question mark uptick in tone at the end, and a patient silence that doesn't push the Fury for how much she's willing to share.

Karin smiles faintly. "Knowing that I'm a Cliath, when you would guess I passed my Rite of Passage?"

"Why do I get the feeling that this is a trick question?" Yael asks, and then looks at Karin a bit more before answering. "A year to two years ago. Maybe three, but I am a bad judge of age based on appearance."

Karin says, "Because it is. I passed my Rite of Passage at the very end of 2001, back when this was still the Hidden Walk. And then a few months later, I fell down the rabbit hole, to give you the short version. But when the rabbit hole is in the Umbra, well, you can wind up taking a very long trip indeed. I've only been back for several months now. Time while I was gone was…fuzzy, at best. There are times when I feel like it couldn't have been more than six months to a year, maybe two at most, and then I start thinking just about the parts I remember, and it's obvious that it had to be much longer."

Yael listens, and nods. "That's about when I passed mine," she says with a bit of a grin. "Without the rabbit hole, it feels like forever ago. In any case, this is definitely one you should learn," she agrees. "And hopefully it won't come to a point where you truly need it." There's a pause, and then she glances around. "Might as well start now, if you've got the time. As I said, it's a fairly simple rite overall."

Karin nods, "Alicia passed her Rite shortly before I passed mine, so that's about right. And certainly. I'm familiar with the basics of the rite, but I've never actually learned it."

Yael nods, and gestures over towards the edge of the grass, such as it is. "Take off your shoes," she notes, bending down to do the same. "This is all about connection, and recognizing that connection in a way that the world recognises back pretty much. It's simple, but that in and of itself is part of why it works."

Karin nods her head, slipping out of her tennis shoes, although she's more careful in the removal of her socks, largely to keep them from getting overly dirty. "It should come more easily here, I think. Even if you don't factor in the time I've spent here as a cub, I'm the one who's done most of the work in getting this area back into shape these past few months. The house had sat empty for a while before Monica got here, so things had gotten rather overgrown."

Yael apparently isn't even wearing socks, and nods. "Concentrate on that." Her tone softens, to less attention-grabbing and more background. "As much as you can, and then you're just going to take a little bit of the dirt and put it into your shoes. It ties you to this place, kinda."

Karin walks around in the area, eyes closed, feeling the soil beneath her feet, the grass tickling her toes. In her case, when she reaches down to pick up a bit of the soil, she slips it between her toes. It'll still be in her shoes, once she puts them back on, but it adds the extra element of being in contact with her skin as well.

Yael doesn't interrupt more than the guidance she already provided. Instead she slips her own shoes back on, and waits, moving back over to pick up her clothing from where it was. "That's pretty much it," she eventually says. "When you go into the Umbra you'll feel it. It's not tangible, or visible, just… a tugging at your spirit in the direction of where you've been, where you were."

Karin says, "I'll keep practicing, and add in an Umbral trip the next time, so that I can feel that part of it as well."

Yael nods. "Good," she says, and nods towards the house. "I should take these inside before it gets damp. C'mon."

Karin says, "Probably a good idea, yes." If there's anything that's off-balance in the stack or otherwise needs help being carried, she'll do so voluntarily, otherwise she'll pick up the pace a bit so she can at least get the door.

It's a pretty small stack, overall, and Yael follows after the Fury. "I'll be right back down," she notes once they get inside, disappearing upstairs for a moment. A door opens, and then less than a minute later, the Strider comes back down the stairs, sans shoes plus flip flops, and a sweater.

Karin is in the kitchen making sandwiches when the Strider comes back down. "Better?" she asks. "And would you like one?"

Yael grins and moves over and around the other Garou to grab the kettle from the stove, and fill it. "Sure. I got more tea and other miscellaneous things, by the way, it's in the drawer." The kettle is filled, and set back on the stove. "Although I still haven't been all the way to the city. This was just from the grocery in Kent Crossing." She glances over at Karin. "Has it been weird coming back and having all that time have passed?" The Strider sounds genuinely curious.

Karin has made turkey and cheese sandwiches. There's not a lot of food in the house— she has no income, and Monica doesn't have much, but supplemented with some hunting as a wolf it works out. "I've been back to the city quite a few times. I'm sure I'd survive without access to the library, but is that really living?" Then, actually addressing the question, she replies, "It's very strange. There are, at least, some parts of the bawn that are familiar, but the caern itself has changed so dramatically that I wouldn't have recognized it. And almost no one I knew is still here, other than Alicia— there are a few others from then, just not that I knew more than by appearance and name. Those are the worst strange parts; the actual change in year takes getting used to, but was the least jarring overall."

Yael takes the sandwich and takes a bite, and then nods. There's a brief 'mmf' but the Strider does wait to not be talking around food. "Yeah." She smiles, and says, "'Wherever you go, there you are'. Seems applicable." As she looks outside at the setting sun, she then notes, "There's another rite you may be interested in some other day, a prayer for knowledge. But for the moment, I should in fact go and do so." Sandwich in hand, the philodox ducks out of the kitchen and back up the stairs.


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