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Wednesday, 8 February 2017
The moon is in the waxing Full (Ahroun) Moon phase (80% full).

Yael is in the kitchen at the moment, having come inside through the back door not long ago. Currently, although she briefly called out her presence, the Strider is looking at the coffee maker with a slight furrow of brow. Just not quite enough to be arsed to actually make more coffee, although it's clearly under consideration. (On the counter next to it seems to be a bag of coffee and other similar supplies that wasn't there earlier, so probably what Yael brought.) Another moment later, and she takes off the jacket and drapes it on the back of the chair, moving to adjust a pin in her headscarf, which is still wrapped more tightly and formally than usual, perhaps due to the weather.

Most of the house is still in a state of renovation after the attacks. The kitchen's been recently reinstalled, albeit it with salvaged and reused appliances and cabinets for the most part. The first floor has new floors and walls with fresh neutral paint and furniture is being reassembled in the other rooms. Thane's been working on the house during most of his space time and he's arriving outside with a small drivable U-Haul that he gets out of.

Yael looks towards the sound of someone else arriving, and lifts her shoulders in a brief shrug to herself before walking toward the other room and then out the front door so that she's in plain sight. Her hands are folded in front of her, and there's a slight smile on her face, and she calls out, "Is there anything I can help with?" with a nod towards the U-Haul.

Thane cranes his head from where he stands at the back of the U-Haul to look towards the unfamiliar voice. It takes a quick up and down glance before he's replying, "Ah, the new Strider, I take it? It's nothing important, just managed to find an estate sale that was offloading some living room and bedroom furniture. So I was bringing it over."

There's a brief nod. "Looks like the place could use it," she agrees. "I am Shai-Nefer, sometimes known as Yael Lender, Gathers-Strength-to-the-Trials, adren and half-moon of the Silent Striders, of the Wheel of P'tah and Qal'at al-Subeiba and member of the Ahadi." Yael's introduction is formal, both in wording and tone of voice, and she inclines her head slightly at the end of it, and then waits.

"The house was essentially destroyed in the recent attacks." Thane explains, "So, rebuilding is still ongoing. But, welcome regardless, even if it's not an impressive welcome. I'm Thane Armitage, rited Consumes The Shadows Of His Enemies, Adren Ahroun of the Shadow Lords and Alpha of the Triquetral Accord. I think you may be the first member of the Ahadi to visit here, at least that I know of. Word of you all has only just recently gotten this far."

Yael nods again. "It is interesting sometimes to stand between the two worlds as I have," she comments. "On one side the Ahadi, and on the other side the Nation, and while they are by no means mutually exclusive they are very, very different from each other. Admittedly there had been little reason for me to leave Africa, but I had a piece of work bring me here and on thinking about it… I think I may stay around a while, if that is alright."

"No reason to turn you away," Thane remarks. "As long as you're free of the Wyrm's taint, you're free to enter the bawn and caern. No need to turn away visitors. I'm sure you have your fair share of stories you could share, and a caern of Balance is something the Ahadi would be interested in learning more about."

Yael smiles. "And something that I myself am interested in learning more about," she acknowledges. "There are many facets here and many tribes come together in one place, more than I have ever seen, actually. It reminds me a little of the sort of working together that the Ahadi was able to achieve, eventually."

"Mm, well, this sept has survived more than most," Thane remarks with a shrug. "Maybe it counts for something. Maybe it wouldn't, but only time will tell that. Do you have a place to stay? We only have one of your tribe around, Sera, but she's elusive so I wager she's also traveling fairly often."

Yael nods, and then nods once more. "Yes, thank you. Monica, the elder of the Furies, has offered for me to stay there, which works rather well for the time being," she says. "My home sept in Israel is shared with my tribe and Pegasus's, so it seems rather… appropriate. And I don't need much more than four walls and a roof every so often." The last bit gets a brightening of Yael's expression, inscrutable as it is. "I will have to seek her out, then, as well as seeking out others of my auspice. It has been a while since I had the opportunity to learn or teach, and the exchange of knowledge back and forth is one of the things that gives us strength."

"Well, good news there, another Philodox just arrived in town," says Thane. "Sandra, one of my tribe. Fostern. She's staying in the loft." He says with a gesture towards the barn-garage. "So perhaps you two can learn from one another. We were growing short on halfmoons, so to have two all in the same week's time is good news."

There is another nod, "I met her briefly, and then again on Monday evening," Yael says. "I was just about to make coffee," she says, tilting her head back towards the kitchen, "if you would like some? And yes, I hope so. Perhaps it is that balance, re-a—" There is a mutter under her breath and a pause to search for a word, "reasserting itself. Gaia works in ways we sometimes cannot see, after all."

"That She does." Remarks the Lord with a glance towards the kitchen. "Coffee wouldn't be a bad idea before I get to dragging furniture inside. You said work brought you here. Anything the sept can assist with?"

"The delivery of a message, and that has been done and taken care of, although I appreciate the offer," Yael says, moving to make her way back into the house and towards the kitchen to make good on that coffee, without even so much as glancing over her shoulder to see if the Shadow Lord follows. "Although I may end up taking on work while I am here, if anything comes up."

Thane is following along after closing and locking up the U-Haul so no one makes off with the old furniture. "There's never much a shortage of things to occupy one's time with around here." And he gestures about at the interior of the house to make his point. "At least this much is almost complete, though."

Yael hooks her thumbs into her pockets as she makes her way to the kitchen, before proceeding to actually fill the coffeepot with water and measure out coffee. "It looks very good," she says. "In better repair than many places I have spent time, all told. And surprisingly few ghosts." The last comment is added its a slightly wry smile, although it's impossible to tell if the Silent Strider is being serious, or making a joke. Once the coffee maker is puzzled out, she leans against the counter to wait for the coffee to brew.

"Well." Thane begins, "That's reassuring I suppose. Spirals and wraiths and Queens and Nothings are enough to deal with right now." He says it drily, as if it was a joke that went on for far too long but still needed saying. "I've never actually heard anyone say they had trouble with one of those around here, but then again that's not something we Lords tend to deal with."

Yael raises one eyebrow ever so slightly and then nods. "There's always the unexpected," she points out. "And— they're not always harmful either, really." A pause, and she asks, "Er, whereabouts would I find coffee cups?" Rather than just snooping through every cabinet, it seems.

Thane gestures towards one of the end cabinets. "There's only a few, just some from before that didn't get broken and some spares folks had. We just got all of this back in, so I don't know if anyone has bothered to stock much. Sounds like Alicia did, though, so fridge may have some milk."

Yael nods again. "I brought some milk," she says, grinning a bit, and taking it out from the bag that's near the coffee maker, before going to go and take down two cups. One black, one a standard diner mug off-white, and sets them near the machine. "When I got the coffee, I thought I should probably get it."

"Good call," Thane says with a tip of his head. "Now that the kitchen and bathroom are functional, the Guardians can make use of the place. Being as we're right off the bawn, this is where they come when they need. Camp showers can only do so much, sometimes you just need hot water."

Yael grins a bit. "Yeah, I know that feeling," she agrees. There's a pause, and she tilts her head to one side, brows furrowing a little bit even as she pours the coffee, sliding one of the two cups towards Thane before picking up her own— black, apparently, but there's milk in the bag. "You have steps in place to guard against this place being taken again?" she asks. Her voice is neutral, and the question seems to be just that, a question.


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