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Friday, 11 November 2016
The moon is in the waxing Full (Ahroun) Moon phase (80% full).

The day is drawing rapidly to a close, with the sun sinking fast and dusk to arrive soon. The air is chilling, which might potentially explain the presence of a large cougar, seated on his haunches, near the fire pit. His eyes reflect the flames as he stares meditatively into them.

The moon might not have been full when Trace set out to pick up the last of his stuff, but it's full now by the time that the ahroun arrives, picking his way down the path into the Caern. The anger doesn't quite roll off of him in waves, but it's visible in the way he moves, in the tense coiled posture with which he holds himself. And then somewhat startled at the mage-cat's presence, pauses in place and ducks a nod of greeting. "I just— forgot something down in the tunnels," he says.

Brings-the-Pack looks away from the flames as a garou enters. "Exploring them?" he inquires curiously. "I've heard they can be a dangerous place." He pauses a moment to consider and then offer, "Would you like assistance?"

Trace grins a little bit at the word 'dangerous'. It isn't the friendliest of expressions, either. "Explored them a good deal while I've been out here these past months," he says, taking one careful step, and then another, down along the path and possibly eventually angling over towards the escarpment. But there movement is all telegraphed, as though to not startle anyone, or in this case, as to not startle Brings-the-Pack. "As with most things, the key is to be careful." He purses his lips. "I wouldn't mind th' company, I suppose."

Brings-the-Pack pushes to all fours, stretches, all cat-like, and pads over towards the entryway. His movements are graceful and leisurely paced, no moon pulling at his inner-fires. He does keep a respectful distance though. Back and to the right side. It's a position designed to be helpful while simultaneous keeping him in peripheral view with but a glance or a slight turn of the head. "I will mind your back and flank. You lead, as you know the way better than I. What is it that you forgot, if I may ask?" the cougar asks, voice a soft, rumbling, masculine purr.

Trace nods once, making his way over towards the rock, hopping up onto the dais fairly nimbly. "Some of my things," he says, not particularly forthcoming but not unfriendly either. "Incense, other things, and such." He shrugs his shoulders. "I figured that since I'm getting back to the city now that I'm done as a Guardian for the time being, I should get them."

"Returning to the Walker clan, I take it?" The cougar follows in precisely the position he said he would. "I wonder if they will re-open their apartment building or if they will remain in the penthouse."

Trace pauses mid-step for just a moment to look back at the cougar, one eyebrow going up slightly in query, before continuing. "Apartment building?" the ahroun asks, clearly somewhat confused. "I'm staying there for a bit, just until I can find an apartment of my own. Probably somewhere within the territory our pack claims," Trace says.

Brings-the-Pack offers further explanation. "The Walkers have an apartment building, which they used to have open to all the urban garou and kin who needed shelter. It was a hub of activity in the city. But it was abandoned when the Spirals came into town. The fear was that it had been compromised and a potentially ripe target for ambushing garou and kin alike. It would be good to see it re-opened, I think."

There is an opening in the nest remnant, close to where it merges with the escarpment wall of the caern. The opening is large enough to fit a crinos garou, though barely. The entrance twists and turns downward quickly only a few feet in, making it difficult to see anything below from the entrance.

Trace makes a few 'hmm' sounds, and then tilts his head towards the opening in the nest remnant indicating the direction where he's going now. He is cautious as he continues through the opening towards the underground, one hand resting on his waistline where his gun is concealed, steps lighter and less of his anger in them as he continues. That, or the exploring and conversation has provided him an outlet to chill out a little bit. "Perhaps. Steps would have to be taken to keep it from becoming compromised in the future, though, no?" he asks. "Maybe it would be better to get a different building, somewhere else, somewhere that they're not expecting."

"Perhaps," the cougar replies indecisively. "I do not know if the apartment building was ever truly exposed, though. It was abandoned and turned into a trap of some sort, which I never heard of being triggered. The building is still standing," the mage prompts.

Trace lifts one shoulder in a shrug, and instead of going directly towards the corridor that is the rest of the tunnels after he emerges from the few feet of passageway into the cavern, simply moves over towards one of the boulders that is convenient, and leans against it for a moment, one foot behind him and the hand that isn't at his waist over his gun tucking into his pocket. "You know," he says, "I still never get tired of looking at this. Or the tree above, for that matter." He lets out a breath, and nods. "It's good to have more spaces. I mean, I'd probably still get my own apartment somewhere else, but not everyone can do that."

Brings-the-Pack takes a moment to look around, though odds are that he's seen it before at some point, as he doesn't dwell exceptionally long on the vistas. "It is beautiful, although I do not particularly care for a skyline without a sun or a moon plainly visible." He asides, "I also certainly understand the value of privacy. A great deal."

"There's that," Trace says, as he steps back off the boulder and towards the entrance to the tunnels. "And the tunnels can be somewhat claustrophobic at times," he shrugs. "But maybe it was that same sense of privacy that drew me down here so many times before," he says, with a glance to the cougar as the mage-cat falls into the same flanking position as before. "Anyway, it's right this way, not too far now."


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