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Friday, 28 April 2017
The moon is in the waxing New (Ragabash) Moon phase (17% full).

It's a Ragabash moon tonight, and while the sun is still up, the relative lack of Luna's presence can be felt by… most Garou, at least. One exception happens to be the only current occupant of the Sept Compound. She's ignoring the fire, although it's smouldering away without any real danger of going out, instead having hefted herself up to the first branch of one of the trees ringing the compound itself. Of all things, the young woman is hanging upside-down, knees around the branch, with her hands behind her head as she slowly but methodically pulls herself up to a position where her chin is practically touching the branch itself. One. Two. Three… Judging by the thin sheen of sweat on her skin and the damp in her hair, she's been at this, or something similar, for a while.

Gathers-Strength makes noise as she comes towards the clearing, but purposeful noise. A leaf, a branch, things that the smaller wolf could probably have avoided if she so chose to given her penchant for disappearing off into the trees. Instead, she comes to the edge of the Sept Compound, glances at the fire, and lays down, tongue lolling slightly and a friendly chuff of greeting towards Ghost. Good afternoon.

There's no visible break in Ghost's peculiar choice of exercise for the evening, though very close examination would note a tightening around her brow, a narrowing of her eyes at those sounds. By the time Gathers-Strength has settled near the fire, however, all such signs have vanished again. She grunts in response, "Hi," before slowly lifting herself back up again.

Gathers-Strength flicks her tail, and for a moment looks like she's considering shifting, but then just settles. How goes? the inquiry is made of the other, still friendly. The impression is overall that she's glad to see the ragabash. Or perhaps that she was looking for the ragabash when she came here.

Ghost's friendliness is… lacking. Maybe it's the moon. But she's at least lacking any outright signs of disgruntlement, merely a certain terseness that Gathers-Strength would have noticed last time as well. She's currently hanging upside down from the lowest branch of one of the encircling trees, but after a sigh, and a moment of dangling instead of continuing her… sit-ups? Tree-ups? …she instead moves her hands from behind her head. There's no flair, no flash to how she disentangles herself from the branch and drops neatly to the ground, but it's accomplished quickly and neatly, and she lands on her feet, less braced than cushioned for the impact. "The same," she finally answers, once she's down.

Gathers-Strength doesn't seem exactly bothered by the lack, instead giving another friendly chuff of acknowledgement to the answer. Finally, though, she does shift, lifting her shoulders in a shrug when she returns to her birth form. "Lack of progress, or lack of change? In any case, it's good to see you."

Ghost swipes a sweaty arm across her sweaty nose, and gives the Strider a glance, one eye narrowed. "It's all the same," she says. "As far as I know." She stands up and briefly brushes dirt from her pant legs.

Yael watches Ghost, chewing on her lower lip ever so slightly in some sort of thought process allowed to show through the otherwise neutral expression. "And yet, we're both still here," is the comment that she eventually comes out with.

Ghost just gives Yael another look, this time one more nakedly incredulous. "Hence 'the same'," she emphasizes. "Did you want something?"

"Want?" Yael says. "The last time I left rather abruptly," she says. "But in particular, no. Just to continue the conversation, perhaps." She shrugs. "It's alright if you'd rather not. I'm just curious, that's all."

Ghost's lips thin. "I don't remember what we were talking about," she admits frankly. Now she's down from the tree, she seems a little uncertain about what to do with herself. She rubs her hands against the back of her pants for a moment, and scuffs the toe of one boot into the dirt. "Do you?"

Yael takes a breath in, furrows her brows, and finally comes up with an answer after probably a minute of silence. "No," she admits. "We could start a new conversation instead?"

Ghost closes her eyes for a moment. "Yeah," she says. Her hands stuff themselves into her pockets now, still in the vein of not being entirely sure what to do with them, rather than a deliberate motion. "Sure." She opens her eyes and looks expectantly at the Strider.

Heading to the compound is Briari, who is dressed in a pair of snug workout shorts and a matching sports bra beneath a light gray windbreaker. It seems she is out on a run and looking miserable due to it without an iPhone or any other tech strapped to her body save the bright gold gauntlets around her wrists.

Yael drapes her arms over one knee, almost languidly, and lifts her shoulders. "We could talk about the weather?" she suggests, with a grin that adds that she knows the comment is on the verge of impertinence. That, however, is interrupted by the arrival of another, and furthermore, relaxed as Yael was she tenses somewhat at the arrival. "Good evening," she says, tone harder than the one offered to Ghost, and the gold gauntlets given a look that doesn't seem very… friendly. "I am Shai-Nefer, Yael Lender, called Gathers-Strength-to-the-Trials, adren and half-moon of the Silent Striders."

Ghost's expression turns vaguely sour at this suggestion, but the interruption by a third Garou seems to interrupt anything she might have said (something rude, judging by her face). Instead, she gives Briari a brief, clearly familiar glancing over, and Yael a much more careful, studying one as she greets the newcomer.

Letting out a heavy breath as she comes to a stop, Briari leans over to grab her knees to try and stop wheezing. She is red faced and covered in sweat. After a few seconds of catching her wind, she leans up and gives a wave. "Hey guys. Ghost," she says with a grin towards her and a nod. To Yael, she introduces herself. "I'm Briari Wasson. Follows The Money Down the Darkest Paths. Fostern and Ragabash for the Glass Walkers. Packless," she says with a sunny disposition. "I saw you at moot awhile back. Nice to meetcha."

Yael glances at Ghost. "I didn't say it was a good idea," she says, a bit more quietly, and then Briari gets a nod, somewhat distant. "Of course. But this is a bigger sept as things go, a lot of people that you see in passing without ever meeting more than that." Her shoulders lift in a shrug.

Ghost's mouth does a funny thing. It tugs upward in a blink-and-you'll-miss-it gesture, before the overall sour look returns at… something that's said. Briari gets the tiniest of nods, but she does get one.

Giving a nod of her head, Briari smiles again. "True that. I was out here on patrols to help out a bit and to catch some fresh air. I've been riding a Red Bull high for like four days as I was binging on the dark net, trying to uncover a shit ton of dirt on some pharmaceutical company that has been under suspicion of serving up wyrm tainted medication at an infant ward. Had a buddy back home at the South hit me up for some help so I figured while it's quiet, I can put my fingers to good use." She glances down at the gauntlets, then clanks her wrists together as they transform back into bracelets.

Yael watches the transformation of the gauntlets with a furrow of brow and a slight wrinkling of her nose, and then shakes her head at nothing in particular. "You shouldn't drink that stuff," she eventually says. "They're poisons, all of them. Not good for you."

Ghost's eyes flit from Briari to Yael, but for her part, she's gone very quiet.

"Probably, but they keep me amped up when I need to buzz out." Briari gives a long stretch of her body, then swivels her hips side to side a few times. "I'll just counter it with a salad or something. So, hey, how you fitting in by the way?" She gives a glance over to Ghost. "And how you doing? Long time no see."

Yael looks at Briari and whatever expression had been on her face just fades back to that carefully schooled and more professional neutrality. "Your obsequies," she says to Briari, although the disapproval has been made obvious.

Ghost rolls her shoulders back. For her part, she doesn't look particularly happy to have been drawn into the conversation again, but she didn't look particularly happy before either. "I'm fine. No change."

"That sucks. Change should definitely happen. You wanna go shopping?" Briari asks with a grin at her. "I could get you some dope jeans with the rips and tears in 'em. Maybe some combat boots. I'm itching to go for a mall crawl now that the moon is all microsized."

"…You want to buy jeans," Ghost says slowly, "with holes in them." If she looked incredulous before with Yael, she looks doubly so now. "What the hell is a mall crawl?"

"You know, it's just .. a term for shopping. Hitting up the mall and spending some time there sneaking through the stores and finding some deals. But yeah, jeans with holes. It's called the destroy look. You can't get any more Garou-y than that." Briari says with a smile, then glances upwards to the sky for a moment. "Ugh. I gotta get going. Need to change clothes and swap laundry. Want me to snag you in an hour to do some shopping or you gonna pass?"

"I don't…" Ghost says the word as though it's practically foreign to her, "…shop."

Yael looks up from the fire to look at Briari. "If they have holes in them is when you go buy new ones," the Strider says, shaking her head. "There's nothing 'garou-y' about clothes. I've been getting along alright. Getting settled, for whatever that means."

"Jeans with holes in them is the 'rage' right now. Get it, rage? See, I can make it Garou-y. It's a thing now. I'm totes blogging it," Briari says as she clanks her wrists together again as her weapons slip out and over her hands, starting down the path at a jog. "Anyways, it was great catching up with you two. Peace be with you!" She calls over her shoulder as she zips off through the woods.

Ghost watches Briari go with an expression that can best be described as a somewhat mild form of 'what the fuck'. One eyebrow arches a little higher than the other, then she closes her eyes and shakes her head.

Yael looks over at where Briari disappeared to, and finally asks— not particularly to Ghost, just in general— "blogging?"

"Writing on the internet," Ghost replies, flatly. "Usually when you don't actually have anything worth writing about."

Yael raises her hand from where it's draped to push at her forehead, and looks in the direction Briari disappeared in. "Sounds like it would suit her perfectly," she says, the slightest edge. "Although I'd hope she doesn't 'blog'," the word is said with audible air quotes, the Strider sounding slightly dubious, "about it being 'garou-y' if she at all has a shred of sense."

Ghost snorts quietly at something, but she doesn't elaborate on what. Instead she half turns from the Strider, eyes the spot Briari recently vacated, and shakes her head again. "She has money, she buys her way around sense. What did you want to talk about?"

Yael lifts a shoulder. "The world. The Nation. The future. Any, all, or none of the above. I'm not picky, and I'm not insisting so if you want to tell me to sod off, go right ahead," she makes this very clear, "I'm just… the word is curious, I believe." She shrugs, this time fully. "What do you like to do in your free time?" There's a pause, and Yael adds, "Other than hanging from trees."

"I exercise," Ghost replies, still sounding rather flat. "Train. Maintain my gear. Keep an eye on the terrain. Read books sometimes." She turns her full gaze on Yael again. "Why? It's all pretty boring."

Yael glances halfway at Ghost. "Because I'm curious. Because sometimes someone else's 'boring' is less boring than my own." She purses her lips. "I don't read as much as I used to," she adds, somewhat quietly. After that, the Strider lapses into silence again, not quite uncomfortable with it.

Ghost says, "Neither do I." She hikes up one shoulder. "It used to be about all I did do."

"I know there's a library in town," Yael says, "Not as big as some I've been to, but decent enough." She purses her lips. "I don't know if it's open on the weekends, though, or I'd consider heading out there to go to it while the moon is still small."

"It's open," Ghost says. It's accompanied by more hunched shoulders and no elaboration whatsoever.

Yael nods once again. Silence fills the clearing for a time, possibly even edging towards minutes, before Yael asks another question. "So, what counts as interesting?"

Ghost shrugs, much more roughly this time. "Not these questions. Why are you going on about this stuff?"

Yael lifts her shoulders, and pushes to her feet. "Like I said, curiosity." She shakes her head briefly, and her scarf falls over her shoulders. "I've met a lot of people and never anyone like you. You're… I hope I'm not being rude," she says, a bit quieter. "Interesting." A brief grin. "But I need to be going. See you around."
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