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Saturday, 25 February 2017
The moon is in the waning New (Ragabash) Moon phase (2% full).

Yael has been making herself useful about the house today, with the never-ending stream of small repairs that need doing, but evening finds her sitting in front of the fireplace. Cross-legged. On the floor, since there's only a couch and a few scattered chairs at the moment at this point in repairs. The Strider isn't facing the door, but both of the doors are still in her peripheral vision. Her attention though, is elsewhere entirely. Her headscarf is down around her shoulders rather than covering her hair, and she's murmuring to herself. One could almost call it chanting, or perhaps praying.

Slug slips in from the back door, slinking into the kitchen. The Gnawer moves quickly and quietly without really trying, paying Yael but a short glance. He nods, then heads right to the fridge, checking on something- then the oven gets flicked on, and a bottle gets pulled down from a high up cabinet. Something dark and brown gets poured into a short glass, and consumed in short order.

Yael gives a nod of her own in return, but continues at the ritual for several minutes longer. Long enough to let the Gnawer do whatever it is he's doing in peace before the Strider shows up in the doorway— scarf neatly draped to cover her hair and shoulders. "Good evening," she offers. There's a slight Middle Eastern accent, more of a lilt than anything else, to the words. "I… don't think we've met. I am Shai-Nefer, more often known as Yael Lender. Gathers-Strength-to-the-Trials and adren half-moon of the Silent Striders, guest here at the moment."

In the minutes that have passed, the Gnawer has slid a frozen pizza into the oven, set a pot of water on the stove, and had another drink. The alcohol loosens up his posture, and off the bottle goes, back up onto the shelf. "Hey," Slug says back, the accent of a native. "I am Slug, ah, Finds-His-Way, Adren Ragabash, Elder of the Bone Gnawers." A beat passes. "Member of Sagacity, under Chimera."

Yael raises an eyebrow, and then eventually offers a small smile. "There's a Chimera pack here at this sept?" she asks, clearly intrigued. "This I had not been told. Although it is an interesting place so far regardless." She follows that with, "Pleased to meet you."

"Yesss," Slug says, heavy on the S for that one bit. "Her name is Oracle. The Sept itself used to be under Chimera, a long time ago. Then it changed. Fog before that, I think," he adds. He dips his head to her. "Likewise. There's another Strider in the area, Sera. Lives in a trailer. Comes and goes. You might bump into her, eventually. I can't say I know of any others. They tend to move around."

Yael nods. "It's sort of a thing we do," she agrees. "If I'm lucky I'll run into them and if not— well, I'm used to being the only Strider. Well, okay, so I'm also used to being the only Garou. I spent a lot of time with the Ahadi, and before and after that, the sept nearest where I was born, Qal'at al-Subeiba in Israel, is under Fog. The secret-keeper, I know his ways well."

"I mostly hang out with a Corax, although… I have spent some time with a Khan, too." Slug rolls his shoulders and twists around to look at the timer on the oven, blinking. "None of my company are very good at keeping secrets, I guess."

Yael nods one more time, and a silence fills the gap for a minute or so. She doesn't seem uncomfortable with it either. "It takes practise, more than anything else." She continues, "I suppose the same thing could be said of most of the things we do in life, though."
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